Soil amendment

Biochar is a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal substance that is distinguished from other charcoals in its intended use as a soil amendment. The use of biochar as a soil additive has been proposed as a means to simultaneously mitigate anthropogenic climate change whilst improving agricultural soil fertility. Biochar is charcoal that has been produced under conditions that optimize certain characteristics deemed useful in agriculture, such as high surface area per unit of volume and low amounts of residual resins. The particular heat treatment of organic biomass used to produce biochar contributes to its large surface area and its characteristic ability to persist in soils with very little biological decay . While raw organic materials supply nutrients to plants and soil microorganisms, biochar serves as a catalyst that enhances plant uptake of nutrients and water. Compared to other soil amendments, the high surface area and porosity of biochar enable it to adsorb or retain nutrients and water and also provide a habitat for beneficial microorganisms to flourish.

Product Description

Features :

• Biochar is a product produced from our Karrbonizer using biomass as a feedstock created by our patented FHC pyrolysis process.
• Our technology produces biochar with higher pore structure, low ash content, and ready to apply
• Each Karrbonization system has the capacity to produce 9,000 tons of biochar annually.
• Biochar can also be used as a soil amendment to hold in nutrients and increased water retention within the soil. This results in increased nutrient uptake efficiency, vigorous plant growth, healthier plant with substantially less water usage



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