1451270763charcoal bag


Material : Sawdust from hardwood trees
Fixed Carbon : >80%
Burn Time : >4 hours
Ash : <5%
Moisture : <5%
Volatile Matter : .
Calorific Value : 7,500 to 8,000 kcal
Shape : Hexogonal Briquettes
Attributes : No sparkles, odorless, and easily ignitable
Packaging : Paper bags (Custom packaging or private labeling available)

Product Description

• Karr has the ability to bind together the biochar it produces to create charcoal briquettes. This process is executed using Karr’s patented binder.
• Karr’s charcoal briquettes are all natural and contain all natural ingredients.
• The quality of Karr’s charcoal briquettes greatly exceed our competition. It burns evenly and for a longer time (>4 hours), has low ash contents (<3%), low moisture contents (<6%), and a high carbon content (75-85%).


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