KARR as a growing company with a vision to the future, we are committed to reversing the damage that climate change has caused the Earth. We are currently developing the world’s most innovative biochar and renewable energy production facility that will provide a sustainable solution for waste management, support an agricultural revolution of locally-sourced and abundant food, and alter the future of climate change.
We focuses on the advancement of Biochar into the marketplace for both commercial and consumer use. Remaining focused on environmentally favorable, performance based solutions, in combination with modern technology we aim to be an aggressive market leader. Our products are 100% Natural, and from our biomass to our end product, we will produce positive environmental benefits and provide healthier more disease resistant plants with higher yields of fruits, flowers and vegetables while helping to stop deforestation.
Our biochar and biochar-blended products improve human well-being and address soil, water, air and carbon challenges. Every product we make has a positive and compelling story to tell and we turn environmental negatives into value creating business opportunities. We have access to a wealth of knowledge and skills through our partner companies and associates around the world. Together, we have almost unlimited capabilities in the renewable energy industry as well as the manufacture and supply of Biochar.
Some of the services we offer our clients are listed below: