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Rapid Grow Brand

Charcoal for Cooking

Meet Our Team

Mahesh Talwar

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), 30+ Yrs

Anuj Wadhawan

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), 25+ Yrs

Kevin Talwar

Director (Sales and Marketing) 5+ Yrs

James Brown

Chief Operating Officer, 30+ Yrs

Who We Are

Karr Group (“KGC”) has patents pending proprietary closed loop technology using Fractional Hydro-Cracking(FHC) Karrbonization to convert raw biomass such as sawdust from saw mills or bagasse from sugar mills, into charcoal or biochar. Karr is the first clean technology company to target all facets of char to drive its economic model encompassing multiple verticals. It is a renewable energy company covering the Global carbon market. With significant local and international experience, Karr Group brings a proven track record of reliability and performance to renewable energy projects. Karr Group utilizes only the highest value products, components, and engineering standards to help generate clean energy and energy efficiency for homes, businesses, and Industrial purposes.

Our mission as a company is to rejuvenate the Earth, inspire action and generate mutual value by empowering people. Karr is operating biomass bio-briquette plants within the USA. Our partner team includes accomplished specialists at all levels: consultants, engineers, technicians, biologists, financial analysts and project managers to ensure successful completion of the project.
We maintain high Attention to detail and Partnering with our clients to gain an understanding of their objectives. We Constantly evolve our business to deliver increased value for our partners and clients, while maintaining integrity in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.